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The Transportation Department aims to provide and maintain a safe and reliable road network that meets the transportation needs of Sturgeon County.

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Road Report Division

Change to Road Service at Rail Crossings

Please be advised that gravel road maintenance within the eight metre proximity of railway crossings will be temporarily discontinued. Sturgeon County is working on a process improvement for the safety of our equipment operators. Crossings will be regularly monitored during the interruption for any safety hazards.

If residents notice any issues or safety hazards near the crossings Residents are asked to please call Transportation Services 780-939-8252 should any issues or safety hazards arise. We appreciate your patience.

Heartland Traffic Calming Project

In an effort to ensure the safety of travellers while maintaining the quality of life of our local residents within the Industrial Heartland, Sturgeon County has implemented a traffic calming procedure where 3-way and 4-way stop signs have been installed in the area of Lamoureux Drive and along TWP. Rd. 564 between Rge Rd. 220 and 223 to discourage neighbourhood short-cutting. Sturgeon County considers all Range Roads and Township Roads to be for local traffic, while highways are considered to be part of the regional traffic network. This is one of many Council approved strategies that may be adopted to reduce neighbourhood short cutting.

Please consider everyone’s safety while driving on County roads.

A map of the proposed locations can be found here.

Location Map