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This website is your access to Sturgeon County's arts, fitness and recreation registered programs.

Sturgeon County recently launched a new platform to streamline the process of program registration. In order to register for summer programs, you'll need to create an account & sign in by clicking here. 

This is a combined effort between Agriculture & Community Services. Within it, you'll be able to:

  • Register for programs through both Agriculture & Community Services
  • Apply for a Sturgeon County Block Party & book games & equipment
  • Book shelters, ball diamonds & soccer fields at Cardiff Park
  • Submit requests to rent Agriculture Services Equipment 

Need some help getting started? Contact Community Services at 780-939-8334 

Sturgeon County's "Jump into Summer" programs, including Summer Theme Days, are now open for registration! Watch your mailbox for your copy of the guide, or download it here

Click here to log in & begin.

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