Council's Key PrioritiesCouncil's Key Priorities

Sturgeon County is on the cusp of great opportunity and substantial change as we transition from a primarily agricultural community to one that is nurtured by a strong and increasingly diversified economy. Through these changes, Council will maintain our municipal autonomy while positioning and preparing ourselves for growth in the region.

The Strategic Plan has been reviewed by Council and can be found here.

The foundation of our plan is built on six focus areas that include:

  • Strong Local Governance and Regional Leadership
  • Planned Growth and Prosperity
  • Maintain and Enhance Strong Communities
  • Community Identity & Spirit
  • Respect and Monitor the Natural Environment
  • Operational Excellence

Sturgeon County Council is committed to making the best decisions possible for residents of Sturgeon County. This involves supporting the Capital Region Board mandate and working with neighboring municipalities to secure future growth of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board. Another key focus is their strong involvement with the Alberta Industrial Heartland Association. Promoting responsible development within the heartland region and minimizing impacts on the community are a top priority.

Sturgeon County was incorporated in the current boundaries in 1955, as Municipal District of Sturgeon River No. 90. It first achieved county status in 1961, was subsequently disorganized, and then established as a County again in 1997. Sturgeon County Council consists of a Mayor elected at large and one Councillor for each division of Sturgeon County. Municipal elections are held every four years on the third Monday in the month of October pursuant to the Municipal Government Act and the Local Authorities Election Act. The last municipal election was held on October 21, 2013. For more information about municipalities and municipal governance, visit the Alberta Municipal Affairs website at http://www.municipalaffairs.alberta.ca/mc_about_municipalities.cfm

How do we engage with the public?

Please see our Public Engagement Policy.